Paul Felgate

Firefox - Access Denied

When using Firefox to visit a web page or website, and get the message "Access Denied", even though you had no problem in access in the past, is annoying. Cause is not known. And now frustrated for not accessing the webpage/website. You find that you can use another browser, like that crappy Microsoft Edge, but not Firefox. This happening is usually due to a problem in browser history, and is a fix for this.

Access Denied
For immediate access, try using "New Private Window", the history is cleared when you close "New Private Window".

Private Browsing
To fix "Access Denied", click on "History" on the menu bar, and click on "Show All History".

A Library Dialog box will appear. Click on "Today", then the website in the "Location" column. In this example, it is "".

Note that this process will cause Firefox to forget everything about the website, so save/record any information, such as login information if one exists for the website, because this next step will probably wipe it out. Right click on the website address under "Location" and click on "Forget About This Site". Close dialog box. You should now access the website.

Try the private browing window method first. If it works there,but not with normal Firefox window, having irefox to "forget" the website will clear any internal data that may cause the "Access Denied" occurance.