Paul Felgate

Replacing the Jotul 400 Door Glass

The other day, while burning wood, the glass on the door broke. Looks like a piece of wood fell forward and hit the glass just right. I bought the stove new from Preston Trading Post in 2005, and now, the first glass replacement.

The first thing I did was to source a replacement glass, somewhere local, where I can pick up and drive away. I found Danielson Glass and Mirror. I brought the whole door and the two pieces of glass that still can be used as a template. Within 20 minutes, Chris from Danielson Glass and Mirror had cut the replacement glass, removed the two brackets that held the glass, and removed the old gasket and residual glue. They did not have the right gasket on hand, but this is not a problem because Preston Trading Post had the gasket material and adhesive to finish the task. The gasket was less than $1 per foot, and the adhesive was less than $5.00. I bought just over 5 feet of gasket and 1 bottle of adhesive. LD means "Low Density"

The first thing I did was wire brush the indent where the gasket sits in. After wire brush and cleaning the indent, I placed the gasket within the indent around the door. I purposely put the ends of the gasket right under the one of two clips. I cut the gasket to fit

Then I removed the gasket and applied the adhesive in the indent all the way around. Make sure the door in on a flat surface, the adhesive will have a tendency to run. With the adhesive poured all the way around, I placed the gasket, again with the ends under the clip area. Dabbed the ends of the gasket with adhesive and pressed together. This should keep the ends together, and keep it from fraying. Adhesive directions say wait 24 hours before firing up the stove

I then placed the glass down on the gasket, ensured it was sitting just above the bottom tabs, not on it. The two glass clips was put in place, then alternating tightening the two glass clip screws. Note the smudge on the glass was from some of rthe gasket residual, the glass was spotless from Danielson Glass and Mirror.

You can see the gasket is properly seated all the way around the glass

Top Edge

Bottom Edge

The door is now back on the stove, the gasket is clearly seen along the bottom and sides, and properly sealed.


Danielson Glass and Mirror

Preston Trading Post